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New this year is a Margarita Bar sponsored by BITCO. Stop by the patio during the Golf Tournament to enjoy this refreshment.

Copple Chevrolet is offering a Hole-in-One Challenge again this year with the opportunity to win a new vehicle. Stay tuned for details. 

Again this year, we're offering Value Packages. Golf teams can purchase a Value Package for $50. Proceeds benefit the NUCA of Nebraska Scholarship Fund, which supports students enrolled in the Heavy Equipment Operator Program at Central Community College in Hastings and graduating seniors who are children of NUCA of Nebraska members. With this Package, the members of your team will receive these advantages:

• Use the Flagstick - If you hit a shot within the flagstick, pick up the ball and do not count the stroke. You can use this on any hole, but only once.
• Hole #8 - There will be a 10 foot circle around the pin. Hit or putt within the circle and pick up the ball and you do not count the stroke.
• “Toss” - You can toss the ball from a sand trap or from off the green and you do not have to count the stroke. You can use this on any hole, but only one throw per team member.
• Hole #12 - Hit your second shot from 200 yards out. You will be hitting your 2nd shot from here.
• Hole #18 - Use a wood as a putter. You can use any wood in your bag for a putter and not count the stroke. If you are not in the hole after this putt, you can use your regular putter to finish the hole.