Membership Dues

NUCA membership is a package that includes both national and local chapter benefits. Annual dues cover the calendar year of Jan. 1-Dec. 31. Members are invoiced for their dues annually in November for the upcoming fiscal year. 

Half-Price Dues are in effect now through August 31, 2023.

Download a 2023 Membership Half-Price Dues Application or Complete the Half-Price Online Membership Application:

Multiple-Location Discount: NUCA National Policy: For companies that have multiple office locations, NUCA National membership rates apply for the company’s headquarters or initial location. Each additional out-of-state office location may join NUCA National at the discounted flat rate of $370. This flat rate applies to all categories of membership and revenue tiers. An even lower flat rate of $110 applies to company locations within the same state or chapter territory; after the first office location within the state pays the $370 NUCA National dues rate, each additional location within the state pays only $110 in NUCA National dues.

NUCA of Nebraska Policy (adopted 1/7/2010): The Company’s first Nebraska location pays full chapter dues plus the applicable NUCA National dues amount. Each additional office location in Nebraska receives complimentary chapter dues, but must pay the applicable NUCA National dues as noted in the Multiple-Location Discount Policy.

Full NUCA membership rates apply to subsidiaries of a parent company if that subsidiary has a different name and tax ID# from the parent company.